Sketchy Youth

by City Of Ifa

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released November 1, 2010

Tim Lemos - Producer/Mixing/Tracking
Paul Hundeby - Tracking
Maxim Starkweather - Album Art



all rights reserved


City Of Ifa Orlando

We're City Of Ifa.

"You guys are fucking awesome" - Johnny Whitney (Jaguar Love/The Blood Brothers)

"The album [Self Titled] has a really cool and unique style to it. It's clear that a lot of care and thought went into it." - Kris Crummett (Interlace Audio/works with labels such as Rise, Sumerian, Equal Vision, Epitaph)
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Track Name: Dove Love
to conceive my beliefs
to forms of trees
they'd be brown, with dead leafs
swaying dead in the breeze
putting my faith in feeling normal again

bring the heart in
i'm in love but she can't be there

i count the months since i've been here
and i'll keep counting till i get there
just give me some peace of mind

bring the heart in
before we indulge in each other's lies
we just want to be loved
Track Name: God Made Me Broken
i've tried to say the lines in past life times
mumble the cures, pray to them, pray for sleep

the pills in my head,
the figures in my bed.
the damage is done,
i will sleep where i'm hung.
too many fears i've worn,
i wish i had never been born.
my life in circles,
i still think about her still.

if it created us in his image
then why am i such piece of shit?

this is all too much,
i've pissed off the gods.
the inconceivable hate i have,
for the ones i loved.

if we were destined to such great illusions,
why were we made so broken?

my body slips through each hole in the text.

no one will ever love me,
i will never love anyone.
depressants are depressing,
so shatter the glass

i'm just an old man, so old and bruised
nothing separates me from a stray,
put me down.
the ones who care will get over it

i heard someone scream
"lord jesus my heaven and savior,
please treat me like ex lovers,
forget about me and forget we ever had anything."
sounds like someone who tried
bottled themselves up and died
Track Name: Bears
destined to a life of depression
from a god you don't believe in
these coffins were built for us to rest in

i don't hate myself
i never existed

he's not in that phallic building
he never was

he's born from the love
but choked into a fairytale from above
lord will you still love me?
or am i just all wrong.

and i got to get the hell away from here
where your words fall short of every ear

you're only as good as the god you hate

i can smell the old folk's home from here
it's made out of nooses
i know i won't choose it

i make houses out of the things i used to believe in
they're all just excuses
i know i won't choose it
Track Name: Hologram Wasteland
the winding lines of bad luck
will always be constricting me
a brain gone bad will rot
won't be desired again

point a is where i'll stay
and she'll be
forever out of reach at b

i will always be an empty shell
i will always be what could of been
god are you for real?
god are you for real?

i'll never be able to sing this
so i'll just keep on screaming it

it was whispered to me by
the prettiest lady in town
much prettier than all you people
Track Name: Goodnight Planet Earth
that's where you became something you were not
when i walked into somewhere justified by rot

is that me or you, was that thought of me or you
this is where i stopped living and started resting
life so new, then just a second
and it was over, just one instant

is that where you got shafted by the pitch?
left you rusting in a ditch
give me back wasted time, bring me back
i want to be an infant
before i was capable of full on failure

i wish i would of choked on my favorite toy
it's just a simple ploy i've came to enjoy
before every feeling was a lie
you should of never let me out,
this is not ridicule, you didn't know any better

gave me life, gave me a soul
but i'm tired of this body
i hope when i go,
you two know, you're the ones i owe most.
i hope heaven lets me in.

silence planet, you were never alive
you only existed through man's poetry
for once stop spinning
i'll be there to catch you
with one hand on your mouth
as the knife gets plunged into your chest.
i just hope your rest is comforting
we just don't need you any more.
rely on that, goodnight.