by City Of Ifa

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This is our first pressed CD release


released April 1, 2009



all rights reserved


City Of Ifa Orlando

We're City Of Ifa.

"You guys are fucking awesome" - Johnny Whitney (Jaguar Love/The Blood Brothers)

"The album [Self Titled] has a really cool and unique style to it. It's clear that a lot of care and thought went into it." - Kris Crummett (Interlace Audio/works with labels such as Rise, Sumerian, Equal Vision, Epitaph)
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Track Name: Baby, I Am God
I fell in love with an angel when there was no god,
and if their words were bullets I swear I’d be up there with him.
Although every angel is birthed from a ghost,
I plant the seed and watch it grow.
In hind’s site we are forever conjoined at the lips.
Though when we kiss a child is born,
never locked in a love fashion,
he becomes nothing more,
no, no more.
It’s heart beats while we remain unsure and nothing more.
Track Name: Welcome To The Digital Barnyard
I’ll give you this selfish little plant,
take it,
yes it’s a weed,
but remembered when we tried to plant the seed,
so it’s not surprising, it’s not.
I’m dying of thirst, please stop,
please stop.
Someday you’ll water me and I just can’t wait,
just can’t wait.
Someday I’ll grow again and I just can’t wait,
just can’t wait.
But remember when we planted the seed.
It grew into a tree, it’s where I felt free.
Sorry, I apologize.
Track Name: Pattern Behavior
i've got to get the fuck out of here
the town hero is a no good, whore groping, psycho path.
though he falls in second to the village idiot,
the love of my life will surely fall for him.
God gave me the voice to speak,
but the devil made me able to yell
and with everyone talking so loud I’ve been screamin' way too long.
the results are in, what's the diagnosis?
"a heavy dose of ignorance with a side effect of knowing it all."
i’ve been crawlin’ this planet for 18 years,
God knows i’ve been here way to long.
Track Name: There's Enough Guns Down Here To Take Out A Town About
the party practice,
handling the cactus,
she's ready to get poked.
the esquisite taste of newspaper,
how often do we sweat?
Volume? Volume?
oh my god she's a fucking whore.
Track Name: I See In Calculus
I’ll give the time of the day and the address to my place,
With correct spelling and names.
You deserve this!
So I get it, you’re tired.
So just sleep.

and when you find yourself laying next to sin
don't you dare make me him.

One more, just one more.