Blue Shoes

by City Of Ifa

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Dylan Vernall
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Dylan Vernall What a great album with mega re-playability. Have pretty much listened to this album non-stop since it came out. Love how unique the sound is Favorite track: The Human Atlas.
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released May 27, 2011

Tracked, mixed, produced, mastered by Paul Hundeby of City Pro Recording.

Paul Hundeby - Vocals/Guitar
Chase Patterson - Vocals/Bass
Michael Kalaf - Drums



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City Of Ifa Orlando

We're City Of Ifa.

"You guys are fucking awesome" - Johnny Whitney (Jaguar Love/The Blood Brothers)

"The album [Self Titled] has a really cool and unique style to it. It's clear that a lot of care and thought went into it." - Kris Crummett (Interlace Audio/works with labels such as Rise, Sumerian, Equal Vision, Epitaph)
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Track Name: Beach Demon
Clean the fire out
There wasn’t time to describe
Massacres that occurred before we knew this shit life
It’s only tragic if you know we know we know
It’s only natural for wives to walk away
Today’s got a dirty hard on
There’s something wrong with you
Found it in myself,
So I love you too.
Dirty interest lies
Behind the rat king
Were all of us dead?
Or is this a dream?
It’s never taken but a bit of time to feel
That wound’s weeping like a whore in ten-inch heels
Here at the end of it all
I feel I am below it
The whole worlds fucking over it
Love will bring you somewhere,
Not saying I’ll be there.
Broken, coinciding with the only way out
We’re still outnumbered by our own species
I’m just bones in a box.
Track Name: Wings Clipped
Not hard stuff
All we want’s soft touch
We need love

No, we can’t find something that simple
I could, I could

It’s a wonder what exists beyond the veil

every moment without you is a seizure
an epileptic time frame of shooting stars

No, we can’t find something that simple
I could, I could
No, we can’t find something that simple
I could, I could

I carved in mountains valleys
The satisfying blood-letting
Of a floating generation fearing disease
Ravaged, angry, hungry,
begging the tide of loveless seas
to release (my mistress and) me

Oh how dearly we depart in deafening darkness
To what seems in a broad sense to be
The greatest blasphemy
Track Name: Dry Seasons Pt. 1
What a blurry night
this bender lasted longer than the pills in my pockets
I’m desperate, don’t let me go dry

Any time in which I lost
A sense of me that once was mine
Bare your teeth, young man you’ll see
You’re not who you're supposed to be

Uncle sam ruffied me to sleep last night,
I wasnt scared about when he had my clothes off,
he wouldnt know what to do.

Breaking’s a process left best unattended
Our mother’s had children whose lives never ended

Do they really go where they say they go?
I was not convinced, what exactly is
Everything set around a fleeting dismemberment.

What exactly is, what exactly is,
What exactly is a common sense?
Track Name: Dry Seasons Pt. 2
What’s not obvious? Just separate
the talkative from the hungry

(his eyes too old,
his hands too spent,
my body already raped to shreds.)

It’s obvious, just form a line
You’ll get your food in the morning
Or after that, we can’t be sure,
just make damn sure you adore me.

(Ask me to bleed I will)
just make damn sure you adore me.
(cut me to feed yourself and you will)

Why such broken eyes?
Why such evil faces?
Now walk inside
These unforgiving places
Track Name: Bliss Pelican
I had longed to be reincarnated into something bigger than myself
but I was never alive to begin with.
it's a sob story gone very cold
so i haven't been alive?
well i think hell froze over long ago
we've been living in it here,

in our own homes,
raping our children and beating our wives
hoping for the one day we finally die
lets borrow someone else's life
westboro the direction to end all life

Kinda worried, Father
I’m a sad (sad) sinner (sinner)
Anxious for the depths of hell
I’ll cry it all out into a bucket
Pour it on where I come from

Call your savior what you will
He’s just a face of comfort
clothed with dollar bills
Track Name: The God Damn Point
i found a being worth living for
i gave it my heart.
she loved me back,
and i would love her more.

i came from a place i'll take no pride in
when some people get it scarred on their skin,
i'll try my best to forget it existed.
they must become more than they were.
when i can make her smile,
i can't seem to give a fuck about the fiction twisted reality.
we're all helplessly married to it.
when i can make her smile
why the fuck should anything else matter.
my ears hear the lonely moaning,
i miss her though i never really cared.

through anger, ignorance exists
when you're always blinded by hate,
god won't exist.
market the words, sell the sin.
the fairytale isn't true,
but god will exist if you want it to.

it only hurt me cause i cared.
i'll see you soon though,
not now though,
i'll wait for you,
even if this is an escape.

if i can't feel you right now,
i probably never will
when my existence is foul
you probably never will.
Track Name: Black Pyramid
this is the last chance i'm giving myself
this is the last chance i'm giving you
and if there was ever something there i just couldn't see,
don't fucking tell me

the realization of no self and
relationships going south
it punched me so hard i could feel myself shit.
if it's as bad as you say, then don't go alone
it's the black pyramid honey.
you live or die beneath it.

oh god i need you more now than ever,
but i know you don't have me on this one .

i don't ask "is this love?"
i know when i'm feeling something
if you have to go find yourself
then why go alone?
i have experience at this kid
i've known myself from day one.
sure god's dealt you some bad hands
but don't make me one (don't make me one)

speed up time and watch you grow old
hold tight all the words i forgot to say

god is underneath her bed and she keeps praying to the sky
and i'm preaching to the choir and they're tired of listening
Track Name: Pygmy Jerboa
i am above me, the whole world is over me
there's no notes to hit so i can't sing the song

you left us in a state of depression
walls breaking from the slight precipitation

i'm on the home stretch to fucking nowhere

desvenlafaxine, serene
growing out of this clarity
i'm addicted to uncertainty
birthing your children,
they just grow up to be whores
birth your kingdom,
its just filled with the poor

wretched land, alprazolam
i'm crossing my fingers behind my skin
in the lords name, we all sin.
Track Name: The Human Atlas
she's learning one mistake at a time
alcohol is the step father we never had  
and nothing is sacred anymore,
nothing is sacred anymore,
nothing is sacred anymore.
the consequences of being near when i consume,
i'm just being a dick,
paying homage to the status.
i'm just growing older,
nothing is sacred anymore.
closer to my premature death.
nothing is sacred anymore,
nothing is sacred anymore.
sir we're just fine,
ignore the bodies in plain sight.
it was just a fight.
everything will be alright.