Black Pyramid

by City Of Ifa

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Cover designed by Wondrous Press


released May 12, 2010



all rights reserved


City Of Ifa Orlando

We're City Of Ifa.

"You guys are fucking awesome" - Johnny Whitney (Jaguar Love/The Blood Brothers)

"The album [Self Titled] has a really cool and unique style to it. It's clear that a lot of care and thought went into it." - Kris Crummett (Interlace Audio/works with labels such as Rise, Sumerian, Equal Vision, Epitaph)
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Track Name: Sorry Kiddo!
i swear to fucking god from the first time i saw you
i knew i'd have you
with system failures and an increase need for an apparatus of a thick skull
a deal was struck

i was knocking on your ears trying to find something worthwhile.
oh what i wouldn't do for a fuck in this town.

she is the west
while the sun gets murdered in the south,
and things are just getting too real in the east
so i'm running north, as fast as i can.
i don't know what distance will do
but i intend to find out
she is proof of every mistake i've made

my good intentions snapped into pieces
like bones tied to sky scrapers growing apart

put space in between you and your past,
fill it with things that will never last.
(carpet my guts on the floor
cause no one cares anymore)
carpet my guts on the floor
so you can have something left to walk on
cause no one cares anymore
i vote to resurrecting pointless memories
just to tag along bad thoughts
i got a will but there's just no way
Track Name: Dr. Spank
Oh brain please just give us a little more than what we're asking for

this is a hostage situation.
They had weapons,
-they thought they were dangerous,
-I feared for her life unfortunately for me.

-My eyes locked on her as eager fingers dialed 911. x2

Maybe If I seem like a stereotypical hero
-she'll like me again,
-I'm only human for trying.
I'm only human for trying.

Your hour glass figure accommodates a petty shit house,
and your words are dead notes.
We are not impressed.

-She embraced me,
golden touch.
-This moment in time,
-Push hard,
dig deep
-Pull hard,
dig deep
Scene two, I wake up.

-white hair, white hair, white hair, white hair.
-white hair was on the bitch that stole my wife
Track Name: Esto Gaza
is this all i can remember now?

bury me six feet under and call it home, call it home
bury your head in my chest and call it home, call it home

so just go to hell and take it all with you
so just go to hell and take me with you
so just go to hell and say goodbye
she cried "pathetic, vile, creature of a man,
i will never be yours again." (again)

rip your heart out! fill it with shit!
and sew it shut!

there's tired out poetry hidden in here somewhere
plagiarized and spelled out wrong
i smell god.

I just grow older, And fall down, down, down
To that level, You know the place…
A mediocre version of hell with a taste of procrastination,

while you tip toe out of grasp
that old monster turns to man of your dreams.
treat your life like a dictatorship and call it home, call us home

don't set it on fire if you're not going to put it out,
i'm just an old tree being weeded out. why?
Track Name: Cosmic Dance
i'm going to compose a list of things i don't care about,
our economy, china, and what you think about me.

oh things will get much better?!
oh things will get much better now?!

this ship will sit, rot in it's own wit
the people are shit and they will go down with it.
too depressed to function,
cracked gears begin to move,
i must ask, what do you do when you are the ship?

i don't fucking care
i don't fucking care anymore
if you had any self respect, you would of killed them long ago

give him a heart and he'll break it
show him a start and he'll fake it
show her a heart and she'll take it
give her a home and she'll wreck it
i've never been so perfect for anyone in my whole life

deceiver! deceiver!
don't give me chances to escape i need to learn my lesson
black pyramid!

come worship everything you hate,
you're made of your mistakes.
kneeled before you,
i'm so tired of praying to a kid with a magnifying glass.

black pyramid!

pressure breeds pressure.
powered by a false god,
i am consumed by this machine.
Track Name: Black Pyramid
this is the last chance i'm giving myself
this is the last chance i'm giving you
and if there was ever something there i just couldn't see,
don't fucking tell me

the realization of no self and
relationships going south
it punched me so hard i could feel myself shit.
if it's as bad as you think then don't go alone
it's the black pyramid friend,
you live or die beneath it.

oh god i need you more now than ever
but i know you're not with me on this one

i don't ask "is this love?"
i know when i'm feeling something
if you have to go find yourself
then why go alone?
i have experience at this kid
i've known myself from day one.
sure god's dealt you some bad hands
but don't make me one (don't make me one)

(and if it's as bad as you say then why go alone?)

speed up time and watch you grow old
hold tight all the words i forgot to say
(it's okay it's okay)
god is underneath her bed and she keeps praying to the sky
and i'm preaching to the choir and they're tired of listening
Track Name: Making Meanings
-We dash, we dine
-We turn ourselves into wine.

-could it have occurred to you?
-I'm a human being.
Looking for answers,
-and scared of everything.
It's too late and he will go after her
That son of a bitch will enjoy the spoiled fruits of my failed labor
there's just certain things that come to mind in this situation
and they should probably never be let out

-but i'm just having the hardest time keeping my mouth shut.

Fingers cringed with big grins
Obvious luck

Death to childhood figures with legs closed up
Obvious fuck
Track Name: Glaciers Upon Glaciers
i'll come bearing gifts
glaciers as far as the eye can see
if there's something worse than a year of this
please show me and i'll erase it.
sleep here in desolation
while black suits go find better friends
we need evolution not a revolution

there's a cluster fuck of self satisfaction down here
im surprised i won't be out for days
no sun and no light
who would need such contradictions of themselves
when they're both

i'll never live, fuck, or breath
in this town again

humans, we are but a drop of sand in a pointless time glass
maybe a kiss or an unexpected enlightenment
when did the track marks turn into riffs
i could do a rail of art and come back for more
such a stereo typical whore who's soft at the core

air songs to play up her grace
but she'll always be second rate
she'll always be just as fake
she'll always be last place
Track Name: Don't Worry Xenu, I Still Believe You
casablanca where are you now?
you have your religion but still no friends
constantly thinking new things will be the end
i should of been there casablanca,
did they hurt you?
i was lied to.
maybe we can try harder next time
i should of learned French,
but i became a nazis instead.

you're using curse words just to scream them
and we have so many places to go

but there's just a sea of red tape between us casablanca
we should help each other
though we'll be in the ground soon,
so should we even fix this?
i'm willing to work as hard as you will casablanca
you will get mine
and the terrorists will get yours
your life is just as pointless as mine casablanca
come here perfection
coma, coma, oh coma don't fail me tonight.
lunatic you make me sick,
stupid whore, you just wanted one more
Track Name: I Am A Ghost
i have straight teeth but a crooked smile
what's your logic, does it come from the heart?
i have nothing i just want to tear this city apart
take off as much as you need
i'm still staring at the truth
you are an angel
i am a ghost
Track Name: Pluto And All It's Glory
i hope i ensue the wrath of every god i've pissed off,
my body delivered to the insects
and my bones sent to my enemies
to be used as toothpicks

you cast a filthy shadow on all art forms
some wish you were never born
hunched back the process of your doings, I must say
off yourself kid, do it.

nothing's good enough for straight focused eyes,
locked like a heat seeking contraption,
touching every factor,

(i'm an advocate of my own self
an advocate of my own self
and i have nothing left to say
i'm an advocate of my own self
an advocate of my own self
and i have nothing left to say)

caressing me to sleep tonight .
shatter my outer layer,
destroy the left brain.

serving themselves, the ripe grape truth
freshly plucked
of a battle worth lost. (x2)

well it's a shame
but i'd like to ask if everyone's alright
i guess not, probably not
her keeping me from you
keeps me from sleep.
well it's a shame
but i'd like to ask if everyone's alright
i guess not, probably not.
her keeping me from you
keeps me from sleep ,
cause we're up all damn night.

take something from nothing.
trapped in my own faith; i was unsure.

i'm an advocate of my own self
an advocate of my own self
and i have nothing left to say
i'm an advocate of my own self
an advocate of my own self
and i have nothing left to say

i'm an advocate of my own self
an advocate of my own self
and i have nothing left to say
i screamed i'm just a kid
i didn't come here to die
we act like we care but,
we all seem to forget in the end.

(stop pulling my leg girl it’s just going to fall off)

we're all tired of growing older.
maybe we can go back home,
fall in love one last time. x2

we won't need anything to talk about
we just need this dull buzz of shitty music
and a feeling of the heart that keeps beating
which i'll continue to keep meeting
if it's still worth living for